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Edinburgh Zoo Koala makes first appearance

After the sad news earlier in the year that the female panda was not pregnant, Car Hire Edinburgh Airport think the news of the baby koala is at least some positive news to end the year on.

The first ever baby koala in the UK has made its debut appearance at Edinburgh Zoo after spending the first six to seven months of it’s life developing in the mother’s pouch. The baby will take in the milk of the mother and a special type of dropping called pap that will help it digest the eucalyptus leaves that will become the staple diet.

Koala young are extremely underdeveloped at birth, as they are bald, blind and have no ears. It is believed the joey was born in mid May and is the first for the two year old mother Alinga who only arrived at the zoo earlier in the year. As the first female koala at the zoo, she was introduced to mate Goonaroo and the breeding success is a major achievement for the keepers.