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Hire your car with complete peace of mind!

At Easirent we like to keep things simple and ‘Easi’.

We want to cater for all clients and all needs and that’s why we offer different options for our customers.

Excess waiver cover, especially in car rentals, is a big talking point and most people perceive it as a means for car rental companies to charge extra. This is not true when a customer is given the option and all the information right from the start – before they even book.

So let us explain to you in detail, all our options so that you can rest assured you know exactly what you are paying for and what you are liable for.

On our website we offer the two most popular options: Standard Rate and Zero Excess Rate. With our Relax Zero cover we set your excess to zero. That basically means that there is no need to leave a deposit and you will not be required to pay anything for any damage caused to the rental vehicle besides the standard admin fee.

Even though your liability to damages on vehicles is limited, you are still liable for the following:

  •  Traffic Violations
  •  Parking Fines
  •  Wrong Fuel
  •  Key Replacement

Would your car insurance cover you if you deliberately set your car on fire?

Of course NOT! But that is the terms set out by any insurer. In plain terms there is no damage covered for anything deliberate or negligent.

Besides our Relax Zero Cover we do offer at our Rental Branches (paid locally only) a further two Damage waiver options. Relax 750 and Relax 150. These options are available for those who need to limit the deposit from our standard rate (£1500) to either £750 or £150. Same conditions apply for all covers.

What is NOT covered by any insurance!

  •  Driving under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.
  •  Going through a Red Light
  •  Going over a Stop Sign
  •  Driving on Unpaved Roads
  •  Interior Damage (fair wear & tear considered)
  •  Tyres and Windscreens (can be added as an extra premium at our branch)
  •  General Negligent Driving (e.g. burning out a clutch, water damage, under-carriage, driver error, etc.)

Question: Why it is more expensive at the rental desk?

Answer: When pre-booked you can benefit from our online saver option. It also means less paperwork on our side therefore it is a lot cheaper.

Republic of Ireland Protection Options (Rates in €/EUR)

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