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-1999:Started Business in Wigan

-2002:Opening Preston Branch
-2002:Opening Blackburn Branch

-January 2006 Moving Headquarters to Bootle, Liverpool
-January 2006 Opening Bootle City Branch

-July 2010 Opening London Heathrow Airport Branch

-August 2011 Opening London Gatwick Airport Branch

-March 2012 Opening London Luton Airport Branch
-October 2012 Opening Manchester Airport Branch
-November 2012 Opening Liverpool Airport Branch

-May 2013 Opening Edinburgh Airport Branch
-October 2013 Opening Glasgow Airport Branch

-September 2014 Opening London Stansted Airport Branch

-January 2015 Opening Birmingham Airport Branch
-January 2015 Opening Bristol Airport Branch
-May 2015 Opening Aberdeen Airport Branch
-May 2015 Opening Leeds Bradford Airport Branch
-June 2015 Opening Newcastle Airport Branch
-July 2015 Opening Cardiff Airport Branch
-July 2015 Opening East Midlands Airport Branch
-July 2015 Opening Glasgow City Branch
-August 2015 Opening London Kings Cross Branch
-November 2015 Moving Headquarters to Royal Liver Building, Liverpool
-December 2015 Opening Dublin Airport Branch

-April 2016 Opening Cork Airport Branch


There are currently 300 people employed by Easirent (Jan 2018)

We create around 8 new direct jobs per branch and sustain a lot more indirect jobs in the area (eg. body shops)

Donated over £3,000 to the NSPCC from our online customers

We currently operate around 4,500 (Jan 2018) vehicles

We have Branches in the UK Airports that account for the 91,52% of UK Airport Passengers Traffic(2015)