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Fish and Chip Shop in Preston offering unusual food item to order

This different type of doughnut being sold at a local fish and chip shop is definitely unusual according to the Easirent Car and Van Hire team.  

A doughnut with a twist is available at a fish and chip shop in Preston with Spam being the new ingredient. The Mister Eaters chip shop run by John Clarkson is selling ringed doughnuts with the canned meat instead of the traditional jam and cream filled centre. They take just four minutes to fry and are cooked to order.

Mr Clarkson said, “I have always loved Spam – it’s bloody beautiful and I don’t think it gets enough recognition. The idea for the Spam doughnuts just came out of nowhere and I liked how jam sounded with spam and thought I could give it a try. I am not even a fan of doughnuts to be honest. They are so easy to make and taste stunning; the saltiness of the meat really goes with the sweet dough, sort of like ham and pineapple really.”

He chose the unusual recipe to celebrate National Doughnut Day which falls on the first Friday in June each year. The day has been celebrated in the US since 1938 after the Salvation Army wanted to honour the men and women who gave doughnuts to soldiers during the First World War.

The chip shop owner added, “We’ve already sold 20 Spam doughnuts and we expect it to be a massive hit with the regulars. We might start doing a whole range of Spam creations. We have to keep thinking of new things all the time to keep new people coming in. Now with the things we have done in the past new customers expect it.

‘Everyone wants to know what we are going to do next, but trust me I have a few ideas up my sleeve.”


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