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Future of Glasgow Train Stations uncertain

It would be a frustration for residents close to the stations that are reportedly in doubt of being kept live as the staff at Car Hire Glasgow Airport agree it would be an inconvenience. 

There is concern in Glasgow for the future of six of its train stations that serve some of the areas most deprived communities. The section of track was due for electrification as part of an improvement programme with Edinburgh and Glasgow but was taken out when the Scottish Government removed the scheme to cut costs.

There had been a campaign to save the lines, but the latest proposals leave them isolated and vulnerable.

A report for SPT councillors to be considered this week states, “The revised proposals now raise a more serious concerns on the future of this line, as is has been excluded from any electrification. This line would be the only section of non-electrified route north of the Clyde in the SPT network and therefore have limitations as to the type of rolling stock, performance of the line and hence major effect on patronage.”

Jim Coleman, SPT chairman said, “SPT supports the electrification of Scotland’s railways but these latest plans don’t stack up. The proposals will disadvantage many local networks vital to our economy and we don’t yet know the true cost of the changes, nor do we have full detail on how disruption to services will be managed. The exclusion of the Maryhill line from electrification could potentially isolate that area from the rest of the network. I am very concerned about the future of that route and the passengers who depend on it.”

These changes could result in people who use the potentially affected train stations having up to 30mins added onto their journey time if they were to be lost.