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Gatwick Airport bosses warning over third runway at Heathrow

This airport expansion row is an event the Easirent Car Hire team at Gatwick Airport can’t wait to be complete.

There has been a warning from bosses at Gatwick Airport, that allowing Heathrow to have a third runway would threaten the existence of other airports by creating a monopoly in the industry.

The battle between the southern airports for the right to expand continued, with Gatwick Airport highlighting the adverse affects giving Heathrow another runway, would have on the rest of the industry.

Stewart Wingate, Gatwick’s CEO, said “A new runway at Heathrow would give the airport too much market power. However, if Gatwick built a second runway it could compete more vigorously with two-runway Heathrow, which would deliver benefits for consumers and other UK airports.”

Gatwick Airport has pointed out that airports such as Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Birmingham are increasingly able to offer passengers affordable, direct flights across the world. This trend is likely to continue with new fuel-efficient aircraft. However, Gatwick has told the Airports Commission that a third runway at Heathrow would reduce choice and push up costs.


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