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Gatwick Airport Christmas Eve Chaos a Warning to UK airports

Car Hire Gatwick Airport agree that there is something positive to be taken from the issues surrounding the flooding on Christmas Eve last year, to prevent them happening on the same scale again.

Airports in the UK are being warned by a report by MP’s to take stock of what happened at Gatwick Airport over the Christmas period. The committee’s report said “The problems at Gatwick at Christmas Eve should be a wake-up call for airports across the UK to get on top of operational resilience issues.”

There were many delays and cancellations on Christmas Eve after flooding caused a power failure affecting over 11,000 passengers. It caused confusion with a lack of information at the airport and also highlighted a lack of toilets and drinking water available.

Committee chairman Louise Ellman said, “Passengers need accurate and consistent information, must be able to identify who is in charge during periods of disruption, and should have ready access to toilets and drinking water. Passengers must also be promptly reimbursed for the extra costs they face as a consequence of disruption. If our largest airports cannot demonstrate they can look after passengers’ interests in this way then the CAA must act.”

The MP’s report also recommended the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) bring forward procedures to improve the provision of information for passengers about their rights during times of disruption. Gatwick Airport has fully accepted the report recommendations and has set £30 million for a resilience fund.