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Gatwick Airport plans could end Thames Estuary proposal

All the public consultations have now ended and the team at Gatwick Airport Easirent car hire now just waiting to start seeing what the reaction by the local public will be as to the expansion option chosen. 

The deadline for Gatwick Airport to submit its proposals has arrived with people living in west Kent sure to be keeping a close eye on any developments. Gatwick Airport will be submitting to the Airports Commission, chaired by economist Howard Davies.

The plans for Gatwick Airport will allow it to cater for an extra ten million passengers a year, with a predicted £40 billion of benefits for the country. Although there are areas such as Tonbridge and Sevenoaks, which have been against any expansion plans because of the continued problems it would have to homes.

Developments are also going to be watched by supporters of the Thames Estuary proposals. As it stands they are not on the initial short list but have been in the news, and later this year an update is expected whether they will become a potential option.