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Gatwick Airport records another busy month for September

There is delight at the Gatwick Airport Easirent Car Hire depot with another super month for car hire customers, falling in line with the airport’s busy month.

After another busy month Gatwick Airport believes flights to the US and long haul routes to destinations like Vietnam have been part of the reason for a busy September.

Nick Dunn, chief financial officer at Gatwick Airport, said “In September, we have seen significant growth on the UK’s only direct route to Vietnam and the start of a new service to Jakarta from Gatwick. Building a second runway at Gatwick would enable the benefits of competition to continue to flourish. We must look to the future when it comes to making a decision on where new airport capacity goes and Gatwick is the only airport that can provide the balance between low-cost short haul and long haul growth which can deliver economic benefits to UK PLC from 2025.”

Meanwhile the One’s Enough anti-expansion campaign has claimed that the pollution which will result from a second runway will be disastrous for the health of people in the area.

Derek Meakings, one behalf of the campaign, said “With a second runway the levels of pollution will be life-changing to many, especially all those with respiratory issues. There will not be any green places in Crawley so nature and wildlife will no longer cope. With approximately three times the levels of aircraft and road usage the noise levels and road congestion can only increase to intolerable levels.

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