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Gatwick Airport Runway plan needs better Consideration

The consideration of all parties needs to be taken into account in respect of the runway plans. Car Hire Gatwick Airport share the contrasting views of local council members of their stance on the expansion plans.  

Politicians who live near to the coast are supportive of a second runway at Gatwick Airport, as the extra noise created would not affect them. This is where an issue could lie as there is no consideration of what it would mean for those who would be living close to the planned runway.

Councillor Michael Jones, Labour member for Southgate and Crawley Central, said “there is a mismatch in him being the only Crawley councillor in a select committee making important recommendations about expansion.”

At an environmental and community service select committee, debating council support of expansion Councillor Jones said, “If you look at that committee there’s a mismatch with members geographically scattered all over the county and an awful lot representing coastal divisions rather than ones actually near the airport. One of the things that’s been striking is all those councillors from far off places, who are more than prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of the county. Those of us with constituencies near Gatwick don’t quite feel so gung-ho about it.”

There has been a 40-year agreement signed between the airport, council and Government, that no runway would be built before 2019. Chief executive Stewart Wingate said: “Even with a second runway Gatwick would impact less than 5% of the people impacted by Heathrow today.”