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Gatwick Airport runway proposal would destroy woodland

The Easirent car hire branch at Gatwick Airport do hope the proposed runway expansion doesn’t mean cherished woodland is lost.  

The proposed second runway at Gatwick Airport could lead to more issues if it went ahead, with campaigners claiming it would destroy ancient woodland. Each of the three proposals put forward by the airport would, according to The Woodland Trust demolish a huge amount of irreplaceable habitat.

The proposals set out by Gatwick Airport have suggested it would be less damaging to the environment than expanding Heathrow, but the Woodland Trust dismissed this claim believing up to 19 acres of woodland would be destroyed by the Gatwick runway options. Campaigner Katharine Rist said, “Ancient woodland is an irreplaceable habitat, therefore it should not be lost to development.”

Gatwick Airport is suggesting a second runway would create 120,000 jobs in the area by 2050, something which is needed according to Jeremy Taylor, a spokesperson for the Gatwick Diamond Business Association that supports the plans, he said “We need the jobs locally and that is what Gatwick provides.”


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