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Gatwick Airport set to reduce cost of picking up passengers

The latest car parking idea being thrown in the ring to reduce costs for regular users is being looked at in detail by Car Hire Gatwick Airport.

People who regularly pick up family or friends from Gatwick Airport may soon be able to benefit from a proposed discount scheme later in the year. It will mean certain areas of the airport will be made available in a resident’s scheme resulting in drivers picking up passengers at a reduced cost. This idea has been proposed due to response from last summer where people are at the moment being charged £3 for a half hour car park spot in the short stay car park. The scheme would offer drivers paying in advance, with 50 entries costing £20 and for 250 it would be £80, although the time in the car park would also be lowered to just ten minutes, or face paying the standard rate.

Ken Trussell, Crawley Borough Council’s cabinet member for environmental services and a Gatcom member, said “In principle I am in favour because it will help family and friends of cabin crew, regular Gatwick users and those who commute to Gatwick station. But I think the detail needs to be reworked. We need to start at 20 minutes, and from what I understand it is the standard time at other airports and would be more reasonable.”

It would only be offered in one of four postcode areas, RH, GU, TN or BN and residents need to be in one of these to qualify. To use the scheme drivers would insert a ticket at the exit and if it was under the 10 minute rule, one prepaid use would be deducted from the total on their account. There is a pre-registration website up and running for people to show their interest.

Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of Gatwick Diamond Business said, “While I agree going from ten to 20 minutes would offer more flexibility I think the costs set out are reasonable. If you take the 50 entries option it will cost 40p a go, and only 32p if you buy 250. I know people recently have been directed into the car park from the forecourt and charged £3 just to pick someone up, so it would be a big drop in price.”