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Gatwick Airport staff who keep the skies safe

It is one of the crucial jobs at an airport and Car Hire Gatwick Airport look closer at what goes on in one of the roles.

There are some important jobs at an airport and Gatwick Airport take a closer look at one of those, with the air traffic control team who keep the planes moving safely and promptly around the airport.

Any small mistake could mean the difference between life and death for all passengers and crew on any plane that leaves and arrives at the airport; you would be forgiven for having the view that their job was stressful. This is not the opinion shared by Andy Roberts, who said “One of the great things about this job, and the reason many love it, is that this is an out-and-out problem solving job. People talk about it as the biggest train set in the world.”

As one of the team in the control room, Andy juggles planes on the ground and in the skies, judging when there is the right amount of space in the air to allow planes to take off. Although he has pointed out that he felt more pressure in his former job as a retail manager at an electronics firm.

Andy added, “I am the watch manager at Gatwick. That means I am responsible for the smooth operation of air traffic control, and being an air traffic controller is part of that. I pick traffic up that is six or seven miles out on the final approach, which is handed to me by NATS radar control, based at Swanwick, in Hampshire.”

The record number of movements per hour meaning landings and takeoffs is 60, with the record at Gatwick Airport for a day being 897.