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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – April 2019 for Snapshot Date 4th April 2018


256 employees
202 (79%) males and 54 (21%) females

Mean average hourly gender pay gap

7.93 % weighted in favour of females
£8.72 mean average hourly rate (males & females)
£8.57 mean average hourly rate (males)
£9.25 mean average hourly rate (females)

Median hourly gender pay gap

14.4% weighted in favour of females
£7.61 median hourly rate (males & females)
£7.50 median hourly rate (males)
£8.58 median hourly rate (females)

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus payment by gender

Proportion of males receiving a bonus: 86%
Proportion of females receiving a bonus: 50%

Proportion of all staff in total receiving a bonus by gender

11% are females
65% are male

Quartile Data

Bonus Pay

194 employees in the relevant period comprising 26 females and 168 males
50% of females (27 females) received a bonus (total female bonuses £165,305)
86% of males (168 males) received a bonus (total male bonuses £1,097,674)

Average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average

Male bonus figure:
£1,097,674/168 = £6,533 male

Female bonus figure:
£ 165,305/26= £ 6,358 female

Making the mean gender bonus pay gap 2.68%

Average bonus gender pay gap as a median average

Median averages:
Males: £1,777
Females: £3,872

Median bonus gender pay gap is 117%

We have taken various steps to eliminate our gender pay gap, including the introduction of flexible and shorter working patterns (where practicable), competitive bonus and incentive structures and transparent recruitment procedures with objective scoring according to stringent job-related criteria to ensure a fair balance of candidates are interviewed and that selection is meritorious rather than gender-based.

The gender imbalance of our workforce reflects the proportions of males and females who apply, and surveys indicate that the car rental service we offer does attract a much higher number of male applicants than females for the majority of roles.

The disparity is less amongst our administrative and managerial staff, and these are often the higher-paying basic salary roles. Our pay grades are fixed regardless of gender, eg a Sales Adviser in the same region will earn the same basic pay irrespective of gender, with the performance bonus being calculated by merit and targets attained on a daily basis.

There is an under-representation of women in our lower-paid Driver / Valeter positions, due to the relatively high interest we receive from male candidates wishing to work in these roles. We have introduced some part-time and flexible roles to combat this. However, the long working hours and remote locations of some of our branches mean it is a less attractive option for many females.
The higher number of females receiving well above the company average basic pay is attributed to them taking positions in managerial, supervisory, administrative and head office roles. This is compared to some of our lower skilled positions at branches that attract male applicants.

For 2019, these statistics show that our priority is to encourage women into roles that attract bonuses.

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