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Glasgow Arts Festival gets under way

Car Hire Glasgow Airport continue the arts theme with information about the latest festival in the city.

Glasgow International (GI) Arts festival is now under way, with 18 days of exhibitions at venues across the city until 21st April. There are 50 exhibitions and 90 events featuring the work of more than 150 artists from 24 countries. Locations include the obvious Kelvingrove Art Gallery to the slightly unusual Savoy Shopping Centre and Govanhill Baths.

It began six years ago and has grown to attract artist from as far afield as Brazil, Canada, Palestine and Puerto Rico. The point of the Glasgow International is to offer a platform to local artists and those from other countries. With what is on offer this year, that platform can definitely be seen.

This year’s GI is under new stewardship with Sarah McCrory taking on her first festival. She has previously curated events at the Frieze Art Fair, including a number for the cultural side of the Olympics.