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Glasgow Universities Launch new fitness app ahead of Commonwealth Games

It is considered a great application for mobile phones according to staff at Car Hire Glasgow Airport who have downloaded it and tried it out. 

As the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is less than a month away, two of the city’s top universities have launched a new app for smartphone users to boost fitness and learn more about Glasgow.

The app allows users to compete with others around the world to increase their physical activity and test their knowledge of the city. The app uses the built-in accelerometers in smartphones to track how much players walk each day. Then it will begin to set daily targets, with each goal being achieved unlocking a Glasgow landmark on a city map.

The leader of the apps development was by Dr Cindy Gray, of the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Health and Well-being and Dr Marilyn McGee-Lennon, of the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

Dr Gray said “We’ve worked hard to make MyCity Glasgow a fun way for people to engage with the spirit of the Commonwealth Games by being more active, as well as finding out more about the host city. The app is focused on walking because it’s a low-impact form of activity that most people can participate in. MyCity: Glasgow allows people in Glasgow to gain a new perspective on the city by challenging them to visit landmarks, including the Games venues, for themselves. However, it’s also designed so that people can use it to learn about the city from anywhere around the world. All people need to benefit from the app is a mobile device and a willingness to be more active.”

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