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Heath Issues for Residents over Glasgow Airport Flight Path

If the link is true enough then Car Hire Glasgow Airport think it would be right, for those people living in areas around the airport who would be within range compensated accordingly. 

The aircraft roar from Glasgow Airport could be endangering the health of people in Milngavie and Bearsden and should be compensated according to MSP Gil Paterson following a recent medic’s report that suggests the din of aircraft engines leads to a spike in heart disease.

One of the ideas for alleviating the problem for people living in those areas is including compensation to make them able to pay for better sound-proofing to their homes. This has all come up after a report in the British Medical Journal compared data on aircraft noise with hospital admissions among 3.6 million people living near Heathrow.

Mr Paterson has campaigned to have Glasgow Airport which is self-regulated, to be brought in to line with English airports which are regulated by the government.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said, “We are aware of Mr Paterson’s strong views on the airport and the impact of aircraft noise. However, without wishing to belittle his views in any way we do not believe it is valid to compare Glasgow with Heathrow. The two airports differ in many ways.”