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Heathrow Airport offers passengers a globe to smell the world

The team at the Heathrow Airport Easirent Car Hire location are all wanting to experience the globe that offers something different for passengers waiting to board flights.

There have been some weird things at airports over the years, but the latest addition to Heathrow Airport must be near the top of the list. It is located at Terminal two and is a globe that shares the smells of the world.

The entertainment as it is seen, shares different aromas, smells, and fragrances from around the world. Spots like China, Thailand, South Africa, and Brazil are just a few of the featured offerings. They say that those spots smell nice, and they’re of particular interest to those heading out of Great Britain on holiday.

If you want to recreate the memories of your most recent travels forget the photos, as clearly scents are the way to go. For example the sensory design team thought that Brazil should evoke thoughts of coffee, tobacco, and jasmine, as they tried to recreate the feeling of being in the rainforest. Now when you miss your flight it won’t be a big deal, as you can just step up to the globe and take a whiff of what you’re missing from your final destination.


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