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Heathrow Airport set to become world’s first ‘imaginary friend friendly’ airport

Heathrow Airport have this month announced that they are set to become the world’s first imaginary friend friendly airport. In a move backed by the Hollywood actor Chris O’Dowd, Heathrow Airport have created a staff training video to inform members of staff how to react to a jet-setting imaginary friend.

The move follows the release of new research into children’s imaginary friends, with 2.1 million (35%) of the nation’s children admitting to having imaginary friends and 68% of these children admitting to taking their make-believe friends on holiday with them. Children with imaginary friends often wish that other people would acknowledge and speak to their imaginary friends, and this is where staff at Heathrow Airport step in.

At the heart of the airport’s plans to incorporate imaginary friends into a family airport experience, a unique staff video has been produced, which features real members of Heathrow Airport staff and aims to instruct workers on how to interact with youngsters who have brought their imaginary friends along with them.

London Heathrow Airport has recently been voted the Best Airport in Western Europe, and its recent move to accommodate imaginary friends throughout its airport buildings is a creative and imaginative step towards maintaining its award-winning passenger service.

Normand Boivin, chief operating officer at Heathrow Airport commented:
“During the summer holidays, when millions of families fly away on their holidays, it’s the little things that can help make an airport journey more fun and relaxing for both parents and children. Whether that’s free restaurant meals for kids in Heathrow’s restaurants or simply acknowledging that a child has an imaginary friend who they believe is as real as you or me – at Heathrow we have an ambition to become the friendliest family airport and to give all our passengers the best airport service in the world.”


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