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Historic buildings threatened by Gatwick Airport expansion

The Easirent car hire branch at Gatwick Airport think it would be wrong to loose more historic buildings to runway expansion and think alternative options should be considered. 

If the second runway gets the green light at Gatwick Airport, it is believed some historic buildings will be under threat according to the Charlwood History Group. They visited a number of listed buildings which would be lost if the runway was built.

Patrick Cox, chairman of the Charlwood Society, said “If this were ever to happen it would be a tragedy for our district and our heritage. We must see that it never happens. The loss of these wonderful old buildings would be very sad and a travesty.”

There are eighteen threatened building with five of them listed by English heritage as Grade II, putting them amongst the most important historic buildings in England.

A Spokesman for Gatwick said “Should Gatwick build a second runway, we will work closely with heritage authorities on how we deal with any listed buildings which could be affected.”

Councillor Charles Yarwood, representing Charlwood, said “The expansion of Gatwick would have a devastating affect on Charlwood and the surrounding districts. Not only on historic buildings but the noise, the pollution and the traffic will make life hell for Mole Valley residents and I am behind the campaign to stop the expansion. Mole Valley will not benefit at all from the expansion. Less than 5% of staff at Gatwick are from Mole Valley, we have many more people working at Heathrow. We are struggling to find land to build news houses through our green belt review, so where are we going to put the influx of workers? Also, a large proportion of the new jobs at the airport will be unskilled, so these workers will not necessarily be putting a lot of money back into the community.”