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Hot weather reveals secret tunnel at Stansted’s Mountfitchet Castle

This is one story Car Hire Stansted Airport think will interest all the history boffin’s in the UK.

The rumoured tunnel under Stansted’s historic Mountfitchet Castle may have finally been found. According to the owners of the 1066 landmark off Lower Street, one of the hottest Julys on record in Essex has revealed the outline of its entrance, scorched into the grass within the reconstructed motte and bailey compound.

The Goldsmith family, who own the castle and the neighbouring House on the Hill toy museum, say the castle began life as first an early Iron Age fort and then a Roman, Saxon and Viking settlement. They claim artefacts found on the site from these periods support that belief.

In 1066 the site was attacked by the invading Normans and Robert Gernon, the Duke of Boulogne, built his castle here, making it his chief seat and the head of his barony.

A spokesman said “For many years the search has been on for the entrance to a secret tunnel, but it has always eluded historians. Elderly residents remember this tunnel from before the war as very young children and being prevented from entering by an iron grille which was consequently covered with earth, sealing the entrance and location forever. This spell of hot weather we’re experiencing has once again revealed the outline of the entrance to this tunnel and at last it seems the mystery may now be solved. No-one is sure where this ancient tunnel may lead to and what treasures and interesting artefacts lie at the end of it – only time will tell.”

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