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Hovercraft service plans between North Wales and Liverpool Airport revealed

What a novel way for people to get to the airport according to Car Hire Liverpool Airport if the plans to get the hovercraft link going again.

There are plans for a hovercraft service between North Wales and Liverpool Airport, which could be running as soon as spring 2015. the Wirral-based firm Hoverlink Ltd is behind the proposal to reinstate the link between Rhyl and New Brighton, making it the world’s only existing airport hovercraft link if completed.

Simon Clitheroe, a director of Hoverlink Ltd, says “It was always in our plans. Getting to Wirral is one thing but from our data and consultations, people want to get to Liverpool and obviously to the airport. It would be the only existing airport link as far as we’re aware. It has been done in Japan years ago but there is no other existing one at this moment. The whole project is unique and to bring that element to the airport, it’s key to our project. Our services would run a community link where you can hop on and off like a bus schedule. A single ticket from North Wales to Merseyside would cost £15 but that doesn’t include seasonal discount and early booking schemes.”

The company aims to run 16, 40-minute journeys per day like a  bus schedule so between 30 and 85 passengers could get on-board at Llandudno, Rhyl, Merseyside and finally the airport, with a single ticket costing around £15. A temporary platform could be put in place at the airport to accommodate the hovercraft prior to a permanent one being built.

Liverpool Airport chiefs have welcomed the idea with a spokesperson saying “North Wales is an important catchment area and we naturally welcome any improvements in transport access to the airport. This certainly sounds like an exciting initiative. Hoverlink has talked to us about their proposed scheme and we look forward to seeing their plans progress further.”

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