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International Festival 2014 in Edinburgh line up announced

The Car Hire Edinburgh Airport team find this years festival to have a rather different theme, which may not suit all tastes.

The 2014 Edinburgh International Festival will this year be drawing inspiration from muddy trenches, death marches, concentration camps, cities under siege and passionate anti war protests. It is a powerful and provocative event, by the director who is stepping down. Sir Jonathan Mills has been at the helm for eight years, and his final performance will bring the Festival back full circle in his view.

Sir Jonathan said “When I thought about this year and the dual opportunities of the Commonwealth Games and the centenary of the First World War, it was exciting. I will be staying in Edinburgh for another four years to write a new opera and take the helm of three international cultural summits. It was also important to acknowledge a festival forged in the immediate aftermath of war and also be able to reflect on the relationship between artists in times of peace and conflict. It is quite surprising when you start to look at how artists have responded to war and conflict. It’s not actually the case that artists are at their most negative or self-doubting in these moments. Quite often, it is at the darkest of times that artists can be at their most transcendent and sublime.”

The festival is aimed to tackle key questions of ‘identity’, ‘history’ and ‘values’. For a full list of events, head to the website for up to date information.