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Jobs created in Birmingham by Energy Company

It is great news for the area according to Car Hire Birmingham Airport with the creation of more jobs.

There are up to 1,000 jobs being created in Birmingham by a company vowing to take on the ‘big six’ of Britain’s energy groups. Extraenergy, backed by a multi-billion pound group of investors in Germany, is creating the roles as part of plans to attract 800,000 customers in little more than a year.

The company has already created 280 posts in a matter of months and is set to move to a giant office in the city with 1,000 staff within a year. It has courted national headlines with ambitious plans to break up the British gas and electricity sector which is dominated by just six companies – after signing up two million customers in Germany since 2010.

Managing director Geoff Childs said, “You need a lot of investment in terms of cash to come into this marketplace. At the moment there are the big six suppliers who have 95 per cent of the market. But we label ourselves as a technology company. Other sectors we are involved with are insurance, telecommunications and travel and because of that we use a lot of automation which will help us to be competitive in the marketplace. The big six are quite large organisations and face a big challenge of trying to be efficient in what they are doing.”

The new roles being created are largely in telemarketing, customer services and credit management. They are imminent, with the company in the advanced stages of talks about a new headquarters.

The group claims to be able to undercut the big six – British Gas, E.On, Npower, SSE, EDF and Scottish Power – by having more up-to-date computer systems, with potential savings of about £290 on a dual fuel bill. The move will boost Birmingham’s foreign direct investment (FDI) data after the wider region was named the best-performing in England last year.

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