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Jobs on the Cards with Car Manufacturer in Birmingham

It is great for Car Hire Birmingham Airport to give news of car company Jaguar creating more jobs in the UK, as demand for their vehicles has increased. 

The jobs increase at Jaguar Land Rover as they are believed to be buying a giant warehouse in the Birmingham area. Already creating 6,000 jobs on the rapid sales growth, the car manufacturer is close to signing up for the 470,000 sq foot unit PrologisMidpointPark in Minworth.

It has been down to the soaring demand from China and North America in which production has increased at the plants at Castle Bromwich and Solihull.

David Bailey, professor of industrial strategy at Aston Business School, said “I wouldn’t think this would be a lot of jobs directly, but with everything going on at JLR there are going to be thousands more jobs created in the supply chain. They are expanding manufacturing in the UK by using their factories more extensively, with more shifts but if you are going to make more cars you need more logistics. They are set up for domestic expansion over the next few years, with everything that has been going on around Castle Bromwich and Solihull. One of the big issues at Castle Bromwich is all the car parking space, but this could have a knock-on effect to that.”

Last month the company had its best ever sales performance for September, moving 43,181 vehicles across the world, which was an increase of 17% on the previous year.