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Liverpool to Stage War Commemorations ‘Memories of August 1914’

THE government has confirmed Liverpool will stage ‘Memories of August 1914’. The event is commissioned jointly by Liverpool City Council and 14-18 NOW, the First World War Centenary.

“The return of the giants” will be brought to Liverpool by street theatre tour de force Royal De Luxe, as part of the commemorations happening across the UK to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. Royal De Luxe are already famous across the city as the group who captivated crowds of 800,000 people in 2012 with the Giant spectacular Sea Odyssey.

A warm welcome will be given to two familiar faces – the Little Girl Giant and her playful canine companion Xolo – who return to the city

This will only be the third time Royal De Luxe have performed in the UK. The first was in London in 2006 when 1.5million people were wowed by the Sultan’s Elephant

The event will take place from 23-27 July 2014 and will see the huge marionettes explore the city as part of a brand new moving and emotional story recollecting a time when Britain was preparing for war