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Local Pubs, Clubs and Hotels in Manchester miss out after Boxing Match Cancelled

The disappointment was felt by many boxing fans after the cancellation of the heavyweight fight, as Car Hire Manchester Airport look at how it would have affected trade over the weekend.

Local drinking establishments and hotels in Manchester lost out on an estimated windfall of £1.5 million when the heavyweight boxing match of David Haye and Tyson Fury was cancelled last minute

Phil Burke, chair of the Manchester Pub and Club Network, said: “It’s a massive blow as it would have brought thousands of people into Manchester throughout the day who, as well as attending the fight, would have gone shopping or for a drink or something to eat. Events such as these provide a much-needed boost to the city centre economy and are really what Manchester thrives on so the hope is that it will be re-scheduled as soon as possible. As well as on the night themselves, these events really put Manchester on the map and show how well we can host these massive sporting occasions. It is a shame that such a big sporting night for the city has been lost in the short-term at least.”

The widely expected bout was to take place in front of 21,000 fans at the Manchester Arena on Saturday but it was called off after Haye pulled out because of an eye injury. The fight has been re-negotiated by the promoters on 8th February 2014, meaning the damage will be repaired, but it was a blow for the weekend night-time economy.

Many of the hotel rooms booked for the fight were expected to be cancelled for refunds. The general manager of the five-star Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel felt they were lucky as they already had many rooms booked out for a Conservative conference that weekend. Stephen Miles said, “It’s going to have an economic impact and it’s unfortunate that it’s come at a time when most people will have already had their rooms booked. However, our availability was already minimal because of the party conference and if it was re-scheduled at a less busy time of year it could yet have a positive impact by creating demand on what would otherwise be a less high-profile weekend for the city.”