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Luton Airport extend contract with navigation services provider NATS

Car Hire Luton Airport branch staff think it is good news for the navigation provider at the airport considering they lost a contract last month.

Luton Airport has signed an agreement with UK air navigation services provider NATS to extend the current contract for provision of tower and engineering services for a further two years. It will now mean the contract runs until November 2017.

Gill Clark, NATS general manager at Luton Airport said, “We are delighted to be continuing our close relationship with the airport. This extension shows that NATS continues to offer an outstanding safe and efficient service and excellent value for money. High quality air traffic management is vital to the smooth running of any airport, helping to minimise delays, while maximising available capacity and that is what NATS does best. We look forward to working with LutonAirport and their exciting development plans to reach 18 million passengers by 2031.”

NATS had the disappointment of loosing the contract for the provision of tower services at Gatwick Airport, to a rival provider last month. Luton Airport handled 9.7 million passengers in 2013, with NATS handling 97,615 flights making it the fifth busiest passenger airport in the UK.

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