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Luton Airport pledges money to support children’s education

Car Hire Luton Airport consider the support offered by the airport to help primary school children in the area a kind gesture. 

Primary school pupils in Luton could soon benefit from a grant to support their education and development, from the Supporting Primary School Pupil’s Fund.

A pledge of £190,000 has been made by Luton Airport to the fund, which aims to provide financial support to primary pupils from low income families, who need extra help so that they receive the same opportunities as their peers.

Councillor Mohammed Ashraf, chair of London Luton Airport Limited “We’re really excited about this new opportunity for Luton’s young people, and thank our shareholder for their inspiration in turning our aspiration into reality, and for their support for our Community Funding Programme. We could not have done it without them, and we look forward to the fund being an outstanding success.”

The Luton Borough Council councillors worked with Luton Airport Ltd and schools to develop a small grant fund out of the Community Funding Programme, which supports those who are viewed at risk of negative educational outcomes as a result of poverty.

Schools will be allocated a proportion of the fund based on the percentage of pupils who have registered and qualify for free school meals. Parents can apply through the school, for a grant of up to £50 in any one academic year, to purchase clothing, music lessons or specialised equipment for extra curricular activities and school trips. The school use the fund to pay for the item or activity.

Councillor Hazel Simmons, leader of the council, said “The Supporting Pupils Fund will help those children who would ordinarily be disadvantaged because of their financial circumstances giving them the same opportunities as other pupils.”

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