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Luton Town manager Delivers a Message to Supporters

The general feeling around Luton is the football club should be playing in the football league and not in the non-league. Car Hire Luton Airport are pleased to have John Still in charge and are looking forward to him guiding the club to promotion.

In a press conference John Still made a plea to Luton Town supporters of the great importance they can play in the clubs future and of the plan he has for the club under his management.

He said: “Like all clubs, supporters are desperate for success. This club is desperate for success and absolutely, quite rightly, because they don’t feel they should be here (in non-league) and I understand that. But I know they get disappointed and I know they get frustrated, because everyone gets disappointed and everyone gets frustrated.

Because they’re supporters, it probably matters more to them, because long when these players are gone and there’s a new manager, they’re still here. It’s their club, I’m just in charge of looking after their club.”

Still pointed out that everybody needs to come together to create an “our club” feeling and the supporters should be part of this. He also highlighted his time at Dagenham & Redbridge and what he felt was created there.

Creating a positive atmosphere even when the team or individual players are not having a great game was also highlighted, he said “If the person next to you is giving it a little moan, say come on, it’s our team, get behind our team because when we’re all gone you’re going to be left with what’s here and we want to leave you with something better than you’ve got and it’s really important that they can be the difference. If you put yourself in a player’s position. I’m having a game and it’s not going great for me, but the crowd give you that lift and keep giving you that lift. If they keep giving you encouragement, you’ll come through that much quicker than if you get a negative response.”

The Luton Town manager even went on to highlight that Sir Alex Ferguson went three years without winning anything at Manchester United, but the fans stayed with him. This idea is something that needs to filter in to the minds of the Luton fans, to give a manager time to lay some serious foundations and then see a steady flow of success, while appreciating there may well be times when achievements do not happen so often.