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Our Luxury Vehicle Range
Ford Fiesta (Manual) or similar  

Our Luxury Vehicle range is great traveling for long visits with lots of luggage or if you just require carrying a lot of luggage/wheelchairs/strollers. Our luxury vehicle range is great for long distance or short distance travelling and making your journey as pleasant as possible with built in features of the vehicle. If you’re looking for something a bit more than a standard vehicle this is the vehicle for you.


5 Passengers
5 Doors
6 Suitcases

Example Cars
Volvo V70

Our Luxury Range of vehicles are mostly automatic giving you the chance to relax and concentrate on driving without having to worry about changing gear or stalling at lights unexpectedly, our luxury vehicles are designed for comfort with plenty of leg room in the vehicle for all of the passengers and the ability to fit all of your baggage in the vehicle. The Luxury range gives superb smoothness and makes driving effortless