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Main oil pipeline which services Birmingham Airport shutdown

Car Hire Birmingham Airport are trying to work out how the fuel has managed to be extracted from the pipeline which runs underground, but are pleased it has caused no problems for the airport.

A large quantity of diesel has been discovered in a warehouse, which is believed to have been taken from the Midline pipeline. The line was built in the 1980’s and runs underground carrying fuel through Wiltshire to the Midlands, including Birmingham Airport.

It is believed that Birmingham Airport has had no impact with the pipeline being shut down. A Birmingham Airport spokeswoman said, “There has been no impact on Birmingham Airport due to this incident and the airport has operated as usual. The airport receives the majority of fuel from road tankers and this pipeline only supplies a small proportion of fuel.”

A Hampshire Police spokesman said, “Police launched an investigation after a large quantity of diesel was found in an industrial storage unit at West Wellow. Lines of inquiry include establishing the exact amount of fuel stolen and examining the suspected sophisticated method used in this alleged theft. The discovery was made by the unit’s owner at around 7.30pm on Thursday. It is believed to have been illegally obtained.”

An Esso spokesman said, “Early indications suggest that the fuel may have come from a nearby Esso pipeline. Investigations continue into whether this is the case. Esso is committed to the very highest standards of safety. The pipeline has therefore been closed down and our specialists are working to check it and, if necessary, affect any repair. We will not resume operations of the pipeline until this work is complete.”