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Major Traffic Shake up Planned for Centre of Edinburgh

The planned changes for the centre of the city are regarded as a positive move by all the staff at the Car Hire Edinburgh Airport branch, with an overview of what is going to happen below.

The city of Edinburgh will be having a major change with regards to traffic as facilities will be improved for pedestrians and cyclists. A one way system will be in place on George Street and a two way bike lane. The pavement on the road will be extended, with events to be held on the increased pedestrian space.

On street car parking will be looked at and the amount of buses on Princes Street will go down. There was also going to be a change to the flow of traffic, changing to one way on Princes Street in the original plans, but it will now remain a two way system. It will all be part of a twelve month trial, approved by the city council on Tuesday starting next year. The plans were drawn up in response to a report by Gehl Architects in 2010, which highlighted the need to enhance pedestrian space in the city.