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Make the most of your Car Hire with Easirent Wigan

How to make the most of your car hire with Easirent Wigan


Hiring a car with Easirent Wigan can get you to places you have never seen before.  We have put together a few helpful tips on how to make the most of your car hire with Easirent.

Planning Ahead

The best way to enjoy your car hire is to always plan ahead, this way you will have more choice of vehicles & models. This will allow you to make the right choice for you & your family’s needs.

Plan your trips

Avoid traffic & lengthy delays by planning your journeys in advance. This can help you to find any roadwork’s that could hinder your journey. You may also find that places that have admission charges may offer discounts for advanced bookings.  You wouldn’t want to spend your precious car hire time stuck in roadworks!!

Be more fuel efficient

You can save up to 15% on fuel & reduce emissions by the same amount by changing gear between 1,500 & 2,000 rpm.  Limiting your speed can also reduce fuel costs and will also allow a smoother drive for you & your family or friends. If you are splitting the cost of the car hire with friends or family you need to factor in fuel cost of the vehicle you want to book

Peace of mind

Different levels of cover will give you peace of mind on your trip should any accidents or damage occur. You should always invest in the best possible cover that suits your needs & requirements.


Top Tip

Visiting local tourist board websites can help you to plan your journey and give you great ideas of where to visit along the way. They also offer some great discounts on sightseeing tours and the best places to visit.


Local tourist boards can be a great starting point for planning journeys or places to visit. We have listed a few below to help you plan that journey or trip you have in mind.  You will find these links very helpful and informative.

We do hope you find these hint’s & tips useful for your next car hire with Easirent Wigan.

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