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Manchester will receive major boost if HS2 rail network goes ahead

Car Hire Manchester Airport staff are undecided on the proposed high speed rail network as to it’s real potential value.

Shorter journey times are expected, especially for those travelling from Manchester Airport, with 75 minutes taken off journey times if the HS2 rail network goes ahead. This would also create a boost in jobs in the area and the local economy. The HS2 is a planned high speed set of connections linking London, the Midlands, the North West and Yorkshire, reducing travel times and increase jobs as well as a boost to the economy.

Task force Chair and Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, Lord Deighton, said, “Like the Olympics, HS2 has the potential to be a great British success story, bringing jobs and growth to the whole country. Our report sets out the common sense steps that we need to take now to achieve this.”

The recommendations also offer assistance for British firms bidding for the HS2 contracts and state work should begin to make sure young people capitalise on opportunities created. The workforce required is 25,000 to build and maintain it, but many believe it could all just turn out to be a waste of money and time.