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Are you a journalist or blogger?

Do you have a great article to share?

Do you need a vehicle to “drive” to your story?

…Easirent is here to help!

Subscribe to our media newsletter and you will be the first one to know about our exciting news. In return you can treat your self and your audience to a range of Easirent Discounts.

For all our subscribed Journalists we offer:

-Up to 100% Discount on Car/Van rental

Free satellite navigation

-10% Discount on all bookings for subscribed Journalists

-5% Discount coupon code to share with your audience

Feature on our website (link or blog article)

Whatever your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will always find a way to help You!

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Please complete the form below and we will add your details to our Press Releases Newsletter. You will also receive your Discount Coupons on a separate email.

Terms and Conditions:
-We will offer from 20-100% discount depending on the media coverage and the duration of the rental
-The discount will be provided either as a sponsorship or a refund depending on the media coverage and the duration of the rental
-The driver will still be liable to our rental terms and conditions (link)
-We reserve the right not to approve a co-operation with a media outlet if it violates our ethics (e.g. porn).