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Merge Festival 2015

Pick up your Easirent hire car from our London Gatwick Airport depot and head to this year’s Merge Festival, which is a month long celebration of creativity and the arts. Merge Festival is now in its fifth year and this year’s festival will take place between Friday 18 September and Sunday 18 October 2015.

Curated by Illuminate Productions, this year’s Merge Festival will take place in the Bankside area of London and will incorporate both big and small venues in the area. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to discover London’s hidden places and spaces, which will be showcasing some specially designed artworks and installations.

The Merge Festival 2015 is a free event and will include a light and sound show that is programmed using a participant’s brain data, which will in turn produce visual effects for music from Metallica and The Chemical Brothers. There will also be a bio-luminescent chamber of wishes, put together by Bompass and Parr for guests to enjoy during the festival.

An outdoor gallery will be constructed which will bring pedestrian crossings to life and also a caravan theatre, which will be stationed outside London’s Tate Modern for the duration of the festival.

Explore some of the city’s disused buildings before they go through a series of regenerations as different artist’s bring the empty spaces to life through a series of unusual and challenging installations.

The Merge Festival 2015 opens up a public debate surrounding contemporary art and its place in modern day society, and also promotes emerging talent.

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