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Our Minvan Vehicle Range
Ford Fiesta (Manual) or similar  

Our Minivan range is ideal if you’re requiring more than 5 seats in the vehicle, great for large families or groups of people. Our Minivan range has 7 seats which in most vehicles the 2 furthest rear seats fold down to allow you to have extra baggage space which give you flexibility on storage vs. passenger capacity. Our Minivan ranges come in both Manual and Automatic transmission which allows you the choice of which you would prefer!


7 Passengers
5 Doors

Example Cars
Vauxhall Zafira
Ford Galaxy
VW Sharan
VW Caddy

The Minivan range gives tons of flexibility and great for carrying large groups of people from point A to point B, or the option of removing the far rear seats for additional storage space for any large items or baggage that you may have! The majority of our Minivan range is under 12 months old featuring the latest safety features and gadgets to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible