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It’s that time of year again! With Christmas behind us, many of us decide it’s time to start planning a house move. The average Briton moves 8 times in their life and Spring is the most popular month for families to make that move and get settled in for the new year ahead. We’ve got all the knowledge and information you need about moving, packing and the whole removals process.


Hiring The Van

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring a van yourself rather than using a professional removal service. The first and most important factor when hiring a van from Easirent is the price. Make great savings during this costly and stressful time by ‘doing it yourself’.

Using a removal company is undoubtedly efficient and convenient, but follow our advice to achieve a seamless move with great savings, not to mention a free ‘workout’! Time is another factor: removal companies will often charge extra for moving on a Friday, which is not only an additional expense but means that any problems that occurred during the move cannot be addressed until after the weekend, due to Sunday closing.

The Personal Touch

Call on your friends and family for ‘manpower’ – your support team can be as good as any professional company. A removal company will do one scheduled move in a large vehicle, the timings will be set and the move will be done in one go. This, however, creates time restraints, while being in charge of your removal allows for flexibility. You will be able to make as many stops as required, and leave and arrive at your leisure – as well as to make stops along the way, and work at your own pace. There is nothing like the personal touch when it comes to the care and attention of your precious belongings. You may also wish to take your time when unpacking, and arranging your belongings in your new home, without the pressure of an outside company doing it there and then. This ‘personal’ process will ensure that all boxes are placed in the correct room, and will reduce the chance of breakages. At the end of the day, why not reward your friends and family with a fish and chip supper, with all the savings you made by choosing Easirent!

How To Organise

Getting organised is key! Make sure that you have all the correct packing materials that would match the professionalism of any removal service. Ensure that high-quality boxes are used for items such as CDs and books. It is important that these boxes are not overfilled because making the boxes too heavy would be counterproductive. Make checklists in the days preceding the move, and start packing from the very top of the house downwards. Use double-walled boxes for heavier items, and mix lighter items such as pillows and duvets with heavier pieces, thus distributing the weight more evenly. Invest in some strong packing tape (on a dispenser), and clearly label each box with the room to which it will be allocated. Other items that will help to protect your belongings are: rolls of bubble wrap; packing paper; moving grip gloves; a cleaning kit; poster tubes for documents; carpet protectors, and van ties. When moving with young children, it’s a good idea to have their items within easy reach. It can be a long and tiring day for all concerned, so ensuring that water, healthy snacks, favourite toys and Ipads are to hand will keep them occupied and help to make the process smoother when the children are occupied. It’s not only the children that will need sustenance of course – moving is thirsty work: have the kettle and a few essentials such as tea, coffee and soft drinks to hand.

The New House

Before hiring your vehicle from Easirent it is essential to check the access to both your current and future property and future property: what are the parking restrictions, for example, and are there any narrow streets? When choosing your vehicle, it is important to assess the articles to be transported. How compact are the items that you need to move? What is the measurement of your largest item? Can some items fit inside others? For example, a suitcase could be placed inside a wardrobe, and clothing could be wrapped in plastic and left in the wardrobe.

Consider the rental costs versus the fuel costs. A larger vehicle may be cost-effective and save time, as opposed to doing many trips in a smaller van such as the car-derived van – with folding back seats, we recommend that it be used for light deliveries or for tradesmen who do not require heavy tools.

The Panel Van is considered a balance between providing good storage and being easy to drive. Electricians and plumbers often use this, and it could also be the perfect choice for a first-time buyer who doesn’t have many belongings.

Van Types

Families who require more space may look to a Crew Van. This offers extra seating for crew capacity – ideal if you are collecting people to help. If there are several larger items to be moved, a Long Wheelbase Van may suit your needs. This is a tall, longer panel van with a rectangular body and a side door, which will enable larger pieces to be removed with ease. The interior is very popular with removal companies. If there are many heavier items such as washing machines and tumble dryers, a Luton could be the right choice due to the tail lift that can elevate the item down to ground level.

For specific measurements for your needs please visit our extensive van guide at


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Don’t forget the extras we offer: grabs, hoists and tail lifts can be a great help and it is important to ensure the wheelbase can accommodate the items. For any van hire enquiries, the best number to call is 0151 922 4991 to speak with our experts.

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