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New local TV station in Glasgow goes live

The Car Hire Glasgow Airport team hope the local TV station launched and now on air in the region becomes a success. They hope many will tune in to help make it last. 

A new local TV station has gone to air in Glasgow, in the first of a number of proposed local TV stations across Scotland. STV won the licence in January 2013 for the Glasgow area, which will be broadcast across Freeview, Sky and cable.

STV director of broadcasting Bobby Hain told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme “Like any new business there’s a degree of risk and nothing is a sure-fire bet. But we have 50 years of television experience and we’re bringing all of that to this new model of television, we know the area well and we think we know the audience well.”

The company also has the licence to cover Edinburgh, with more areas of Scotland expected to be advertised by the regulator Ofcom. Attempts at local TV have in the past failed with Channel M in Manchester and Lanarkshire TV in Scotland.

According to STV, local TV represents a £1 million investment for the company and expects the stations to be breaking even within a year. More local TV licences in Scotland are expected to be advertised soon, potentially covering Dundee, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Inverness and Ayrshire.