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New Sculpture at Heathrow Airport taking Shape

Car Hire Heathrow Airport are looking forward to the sculpture that is currently taking shape at the new terminal two building. They give an overview of what will soon be there. 

The new Terminal two building at Heathrow Airport is beginning to come together, with Europe’s largest privately funded sculpture, designed to look like a jet’s vapour at the heart of the building.

The sculpture is called Slipstream and is being engineered in Hull, to be suspended from the ceiling, with passengers going about their business below. His is the latest work of Richard Wilson; the British Artist regarded one of the greatest large-scale UK sculptors. There will be a total of 23 sections to the sculpture weighing 74 tonnes.

With nearly 500,000 components making up the sculpture, mostly from local suppliers in and around Hull, it will be covered in shimmering aluminium. The twists and turns of Slipstream have been computer generated, which would not have been possible without the advances in computer programming.