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How to save money when travelling in 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned business traveller or just planning a small getaway this year, you’ll want to save money when planning and budgeting your travel in 2019. We’ve got five really helpful tips from inside the travel industry for making your money go further this year and getting you where you want to be for less.

  1. Plan a realistic budget
    Our top tips for a realistic budget are as follows… Firstly you need to plan activities you’ll actually stick to when you’re there. Make a list of the absolute “must-sees” and the admission/ticket cost for each one. Don’t forget to leave a day for relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, it is a holiday after all(!)
    Don’t be afraid to skimp on the extras – is extra legroom really necessary? Do you absolutely have to add the balcony suite or will a regular suite be just fine?
    Don’t be tempted to choose all-inclusive as you can save a small fortune by choosing Self-Catering, especially if travelling in a big group.
    Exchange your money when it’s at the lowest – there is still some volatility on the currency markets following the Brexit vote. If you’re worried, one option is to buy from a firm that allows you to order but with a cancellation right. So you lock in today’s rate, but if it improves you cancel and buy elsewhere.
    Book your dates as early as possible rather than waiting for a “big sale” or promotion. Rates increase as supply drops and availability becomes limited so you’re more likely to save money by booking earlier on rather than waiting for a small discount on increased prices.
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  2. Be a savvy online shopper
    Most of you know the common tricks by now when it comes to using comparison sites. Using a big name like Skyscanner or Expedia helps because the better-known companies don’t need to pay hotels to feature on their page so you know there isn’t any bias or sneaky hidden motives for a less-than-stellar accommodation.
    Keep a record of all the information when you purchase anything online, including the description, price, guarantees and important information the seller sends you. Set up a folder where you can store all the transaction history so if there is ever a dispute over the price, you have a record on hand for the merchant or your bank.
    Take a good look at independent review sites such as Trustpilot or Feefo. Real people use real travel services every single day and the reviews can be very enlightening as to what you’re really getting when you book. They often include helpful tips that you wouldn’t know unless you’d been before. Similarly, we recommend you use travel forums and guides on the destination as they often include “tourist secrets” that make your trip better and more worthwhile.
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  3. Make smarter choices
    When planning your destination, you can save a lot by simply choosing a cheaper location/station/airport to arrive into. The more central, busier locations often come with extra taxes so it can work out cheaper to fly somewhere more remote and hire your car from there or take a transfer to your hotel.
    Also, when it comes to hotels, reading the customer rating rather than the official star rating can really save you money. Cheaper, less-rated places often have regulars and loyal patrons who can wax lyrical about how great the location is and why they choose it time and time again, so it’s worth doing your homework before paying out for a seemingly “luxury experience” that only has standard or mediocre reviews.
    Consider a house swap or listing your own place on AirBnB, to make extra cash while you’re away. If you choose to go abroad when everyone else is at work/school the prices are often a lot more appealing but make sure that all the attractions will be open if you’re travelling in off-peak season.
    For getting around, it’s actually often cheaper to simply hire a car rather than driving your own car abroad with you. With car hire rates more competitive than ever in 2019, you can hire a vehicle for a few pounds a day and all the overseas fees are avoided.
  4. Save money on your car
    Keeping your own car in good condition is vital to saving cash in the long run. Performing these Technical Car Checks on a regular basis and before any long distance driving should stop any expensive and unexpected problems occurring.
    If this year is the year you’re planning on buying a new car, make sure you’re choosing an economic model. Also look at your options, will it be cheaper for you to Lease or Finance?
    If you’re hiring a vehicle when travelling this year, there’s plenty of money-saving promo codes online as well as helpful tips and tricks for when’s best to book on our blog.
  5. Consider a staycation
    There are plenty of great places around the UK and Ireland for you to visit in 2019. Check out this Ultimate UK Bucket list of places and things to see right here in our very own Great Britain. Ireland is also full of amazing culture and scenic wonders and it’s only a cheap, short plane ride away. See our full list of Top Staycation Destinations here.

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