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Passengers at Manchester Airport faced delays

Car Hire Manchester Airport highlight the far to familiar issue of delays which again occurred at the airport yesterday.

Manchester Airport passengers faced huge queues and delays yesterday as they tried to pass through immigration. Over 1,000 passengers waited up to an hour at terminal three from around 7.30am as a combination of early and late arrivals resulted in a bottleneck. The Border Force (BF) did have all the immigration desks manned, but with two flights arriving late and a further flight being almost twenty minutes early, the increase of passengers in the shorter period was more than expected.

A BF spokesman said “There were queues for a short period at Manchester Airport this morning caused by the late arrival of busy flights coinciding with the early arrival of another. Border Force deployed staff to deal with the queues and reduce disruption for passengers, while ensuring the necessary checks took place. We are working with Manchester Airport to try and resolve issues around flight timings to ensure we provide an excellent service to legitimate travellers, as well as securing the border.”

Even though it was deemed unexpected many passengers have commented in the past that this was not a one-off but happens on a far too regular basis at Manchester Airport.