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Peak Time Parking Charges increased at Heathrow Airport

Will the price increase reduce the congestion? Car Hire Heathrow Airport think the increase should have been even greater to see a bigger reduction in people using the shorter stay car park.

Prices have been increased at Heathrow Airport Terminal four, with the aim to reduce congestion, only two months after the charges were increased across the whole of the airport, going up by 39%. Between the hours of 6-8am and 6.30-8.30pm the price of each of the time scales has gone up by 50p.

The idea of the increase is to reduce the number of people using the short stay car park, which often experiences tailbacks all the way to the motorway. It is aimed at the long distance destinations, as travellers bring family members and well wishers, which can clog up the parking. HeathrowAirport is offering free parking for up to two hours at the long stay car park, with shuttle buses every ten minutes to try and encourage them to use these car parks or find an alternative way of travelling.