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Planned new car parks near Edinburgh Airport concern residents

At Car Hire Edinburgh Airport they think the car parks are needed but whether the potential sites chosen are right is something they hope the relevant authorities get right. 

Plans near Edinburgh Airport for two new 24 hour car parks could well convert two rural villages into ‘rat runs’ concerned residents have warned. The parking lots would be at Ratho Station and Newbridge holding up to 600 vehicles prompting worries the increased traffic would lead to gridlock.

An estimated 700 extra car journeys would pass through Ratho Station and Newbridge every day if approved, transport reports suggest. A minibus shuttle service frequently running between the car parks and EdinburghAirport would also heap pressure on the roads. Residents claim the area is already blighted by traffic congestion while parts of Newbridge have already been designated 20mph zones.

Mike Harle, who represents the Ratho & District Community Council, “It will impact the area, obviously, with traffic coming off the roundabout and the A8 into Ratho Station. There is a problem in the Newbridge area. It’s a rat run, and it has been for quite some time. So is Ratho Station. It can be quite dangerous. The Newbridge Roundabout is approaching full loading at times, and that will get worse with the impact of the new road network from the ongoing construction of the second ForthBridge.”

The car parks have been proposed on the site of the former Remploy factory and in a mothballed park-and-ride facility. The larger of the two would hold 400 vehicles and is being put forward by car park operator Flying Scot Parking, which already runs a 2000-
bay car park opposite Edinburgh Airport and another low cost facility on Queen Anne Drive.

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