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Planned route changes at Luton Airport will affect residents in some areas

Car Hire Luton Airport do share their sympathy for the residents local to Luton Airport with regards to potential flight path changes.

The have been stories recently in local press about Luton Airport cutting the width of a departure route over the district to two kilometres and has had mixed reactions. Luton Airport wants planes to fly 4,000 feet over residential areas instead of the current 3,000 feet.

The proposed changes for the Clacton/Dover/Detling departure route have raised concerns for Kathryn Hurle of Jersey Farm. She warned that “narrowing the swathe to two kilometres would concentrate flights into a smaller area and result in planes heading for Sandridge, Jersey Farm and the Marshalswick area.” She has also alerted residents to examine Luton’s proposals and have their say before they are submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority for approval.

In Harpenden there has been mixed reaction where Neil MacArthur applauded Luton Airport’s proposal as it would miss the town all together. Although Colin Weaver said “I am about two miles from the westerly flight path and I can still record 60 decibel noise levels in my back garden.”