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Planning a Group Trip

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Getting together as a community and going on an adventure is one sure-fire way to boost community pride and spirit. Such trips can be exciting and worth the time spent planning, however, that is exactly what makes a great trip even better – good planning! Easirent has helped provide communities with vehicles for every size of trip for years. Here are some of our best community trip planning tips below. Here at Easirent, we have lots of vehicles available for your days out if you’ve got a community event or family trip out these vehicles will seat 8 passengers plus the driver with plenty of luggage space.

Designate Roles

Sharing responsibility is one way to ensure that nothing is overlooked before the day of the trip arrives. Giving roles to each individual of a group not only eases the burden placed on specific individuals but makes the entire planning process seem easier and makes use of individual skill sets.

What Kind of Transport is needed?

Not all members of a community have access to a vehicle. This is why it is important to consider how they will get to a particular area for the day. You’ll probably be hiring a large vehicle, but remember to consider if it will require modification for the less able-bodied members of a group.

Is Insurance Needed?

Something that is forgotten about by many big groups, insurance is essential when going out for the day as a big group, especially if there are vulnerable people in the group. Insurance means that organisers are not liable for any accidents that could possibly occur throughout the day.

Sign A Waiver

Insurance may not be necessary for a trip, but consider getting each member of the group to sign a disclaimer against any injury that could occur through the trip. Planning makes it very unlikely that anything bad will happen during the day, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you would like to hire a minibus or car for your trip then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01942778899.

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