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Plans for 20mph zones throughout Edinburgh

The plans for speed restriction zones will be good for saving lives according to the team working at Car Hire Edinburgh Airport.

There are plans to set up 20mph speed limit zones throughout a big portion of Edinburgh it has been formally unveiled. The move will be put to local residents through a major public consultation. City chiefs say the reduced limits encourage more considerate driving, which in turn leads to safer streets.

Transport leader Councillor Lesley Hinds, “We’ll concentrate mainly on signage, although physical measures like pedestrian islands may be required on some residential streets where speeds don’t fall sufficiently with a signs and paint only approach,” she explained. “I also want to stress that speed humps will not be used on any main streets, for example those most likely to have bus services on them which move to a 20mph limit. And the nature of the busier roads on which a 20mph limit is likely to be taken forward – the city centre, shopping streets and other roads with high numbers of pedestrians – means that impacts on bus journey times are expected to be very limited.”

The plans move on from a pilot carried out in South Edinburgh, where strong support was shown to the 20mph zones.

Rod King, Founder and Director of the 20’s Plenty for Us Campaign, said “I think it’s excellent because what has been found out consistently is that this is a universal aspiration that communities have to make their streets better. Setting a stand for the speed of motor vehicles in those streets, particularly residential ones and where people walk is a good option. It’s already happening in many English cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle so it will happen.”

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