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Potential Solution for Glasgow Airport Rail Link

Car Hire Glasgow Airport think a decision needs to be made on whether or not a rail network will happen as the latest idea is revealed. 

After plans for a Glasgow Airport rail network were scrapped in 2009 due to rising costs after a significant amount of taxpayers money had been spent on the project. A rail lobby group called RailQuest has shown plans to breathe life into the proposal with £137.5 million of investment from the private sector to complete.

The plans would see Paisley St James station replaced with a station built at Glasgow Airport, just to the south of the multi-storey car parks. There would also be two express trains and two stopping trains each hour to Glasgow from the airport. There is even hope of including services further beyond including Newcastle and Carlisle.

The Scottish Government commissioned a report into improved connections top the airport, since the original link was cancelled in 2009. This lead to an idea of a ‘train-tram’ meaning trams would run on rail tracks on part of the link.