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Prepare your fleet for winter

Are you prepared for the winter?

Leaves have started falling off the trees and Christmas is only three months away. Are you prepared for the bad weather that winter brings?

Statistically you are more likely to break down in the winter with the busiest days for breakdown services such as AA or RAC falling between the months of November and December.

Here is a checklist for things you need to check in your vehicle.

  • Antifreeze – you need to check your coolant level regularly and top up with the correct type of anti-freeze. This stops the water in the coolant freezing running the risk of your engine overheating.
  • Battery – batteries, especially if they are 5 years old or more, struggle to hold their charge during the cold months. It is a good idea, if the battery is 5 years old or more, to get the battery on your car replaced in order to avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery.
  • Fuel – As traffic can build quickly maybe, due to a jack-knifed lorry for example, it is a good idea to keep at least a quarter of a tank of fuel in your engine in case of any unexpected delays on your journey.
  • Lights – lights need to be checked regularly to ensure you can be seen and you can see due to the shorter days resulting in darker mornings and evenings.
  • Tyres – tyres should have at least a 3mm tread on them for the winter months. This makes sure there is efficient grip of your vehicle on the road. It is also a good idea to check your tyre pressure regularly, at least once a fortnight.
  • Windscreen – to reduce dazzle of the lower sun, keep your windscreen clean inside and out. It is also a good idea to check and replace worn wiper blades. If your windscreen has any chips in them, now is a good time to get the chips repaired as the frosty mornings can cause your windscreen to crack and even smash resulting in a delay in your journey.
  • Screen wash – use a 50% mix of good quality screen wash to reduce the chance of your screen wash freezing.
  • Locks and door seals – due to the freezing weather locks and door seals can freeze. Although you may be able to open the vehicle door if the seal has frozen overnight, this can damage the seal on the door resulting in leaking doors when it rains. A good idea is to apply a thin coat of polish or Vaseline to the door seal preventing freezing. A squirt of water dispersant, i.e. WD-40, in the locks will help stop them freezing.

It is a good idea to keep particular items in the car just in case of an emergency. A winter emergency kit should consist of a blanket, rug or sleeping bag, a shovel, an ice scraper and de-icer, a torch and batteries, snacks and finally extra screen wash.

At Easirent Car and Van Hire we make sure that all our vehicles are capable of tackling the colder weather ensuring the safety of the hirer and pedestrians.

At Easirent Car and Van Hire we have the perfect vehicle for tackling the winter months, our Hyundai Hilux. With four wheel drive and large tyres the Hilux can tackle the worst of the British winter weather with ease.

Maybe it’s a van you require, well our 7 seater mess van has a 25 litre toilet, hot water and a heating system which will keep you toasty and warm during the cold weather.

So why not book yours today to ensure you are prepared for the winter months. Call Easirent Car and Van Hire in Blackburn on 01254 495999 or visit our website at

Do you have any more hints or tips in tackling the winter months? Why not let us know via our Facebook and/or Twitter page.

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